Tailored solutions

MyMachine is active in different countries around the world. Our partners are doing all they can to navigate MyMachine through the Covid-19 measurements from the different governments in the different countries. As always, we put the students first. This has been one of our key drivers from our very first day. This has not changed during these challenging times.

Our partners around the world are continuously on speaking terms with all participating schools. Our MyMachine Coordinators in each country are working hard to create tailor-made solutions in relation to the specific measurements in the country.

For some countries this means that we will use more time -probably beyond the current school year- to enable the involved students to finish the elaboration of the working prototype and with that, the very essence of it all: the ability to learn what it takes to bring an idea to life. Just as we promised them at the beginning of this school year. For other countries or schools we will deliver within the current school year, but with a custom made time frame and potentially altered ways of delivering.

One thing is key: we will deliver! As always!

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