The Battle Bot, Darth Vader Rugby, and Magic Booshelf! Grade 2 learners from Jan van Riebeeck Primary School have spoken. Or better yet: have invented and drawn their inventions. These design briefs have been given to 3rd year Industrial Design students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) who designed these Dream Machines.

And after an intense period of hard work and co-creation, comes the final day, the ultimate deadline: the big reveal of those working prototypes! The customers (the primary school children) got the joyful opportunity to discover —as a world-exclusive— the working prototypes of

  • The Battle Bot, a four-player game, two kids against two kids. Each pair will receive a vest and a Nerf gun with velcro Nerf bullets. One will push the cart while the other sits and aims at the opposite team’s vests and carts.
  • The Magic Bookshelf creates an interactive and captivating reading experience for primary school children. The bookshelf design incorporated an inviting aesthetic, featuring bright colours and playful patterns to cater to young learners.
  • And The Darth Vader Rugby is a playing buddy to play rugby with.

Click and teleport yourself to Cape Town to be part of this big reveal event on the playground of the primary school:

Thank you so much to the students who went over and above to bring these magic ideas alive!  Read all about it here:

We can’t wait to see what Dream Machines will be created in 2024! Watch this space! 

And we’re truly grateful for our amazing MyMachine South Africa team at Open Design Afrika and The Initiative for Community Advancement!