Rebel With A Cause

Very proud to be called “Rebel With A Cause” in this article by by leading voice in education Tom Vander Ark (Getting Smart).
The article explains that “Rebels are people who break rules that should be broken. They break rules that hold them and others back, and their way of rule breaking is constructive rather than destructive. It creates positive change”.

We break the rules of age-limited schools by creating student groups consisting of students from elementary, secondary and higher education that collaborate as peers to bring dream-machine ideas to life (invented by the elementary school children).

All of us who work hard to make MyMachine happen on a day-to-day basis in all the countries involved are honoured to be called Rebels With A Cause. And we think that the students involved in MyMachine are the same. They engage in a life-changing path towards bringing fantastic ideas to life.

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