Belgian Company Vanhalst celebrates its 50th birthday with MyMachine as special guest

The Belgian company Vanhalst, 2 Give & Enjoy, was founded in 1968 and celebrates 50 years of entrepreneurship. Vanhalst has grown from a pastry shop to a wholesale company and in more recent years the creation of the designlabel Atelier Pierre. Since 2002 Sophie and Frank, sister and brother, are leading the company and its expansion strategy. The company’s products are now distributed to 32 countries worldwide.

Because tradition and craftsmanship are the common thread throughout the history of the family business, Vanhalst promotes sustainable entrepreneurship, innovation and in particular creativity as an important building block. Atelier Pierre – the platform that the company gives to young designers to conceive, design and launch a very first design collection – fits perfectly within this vision.

The importance of creativity and its translation into education is something the current managers have recognised in MyMachine. Co-founder Piet Grymonprez had the honour to share the MyMachine story at their 50th birthday party, in the self-cultivated forest of life, in the presence of 300 invited guests, including the Minister-President of Flanders Geert Bourgeois. In addition, Vanhalst offered the attendees the opportunity to donate to MyMachine, as an alternative to a traditional gift.

Many thanks to the Vanhalst family to support our work in this way and give us the opportunity to further expand the MyMachine community in the coming years. We wish the company an unlimited amount of brilliant, engaging and creative years!