Primary School Children test their very own developed computer game!

MyMachine Belgium is impressed to see how this student team from the School of Digital Arts & Entertainment at Howest University, succeeded to engage the primary students from GO! Basisschool Kroonloon in Ostend, in their game developing platform. Not only by developing a game based on their ideas but by involving them in the development phases, the concept and the mechanics.

Today, the primary school children visited the university to fully test the game. The college students shared in all honesty that it was often difficult to work together as a team, to meet deadlines and to make decisions. But “Never say that you can not do something: try again, fall and get up and keep going” and “Do not be afraid to do your own thing”, that was the message that the college students gave to the primary school children. The real MyMachine spirit!

Starting in February, technical secondary school students of the 2nd year Artistic Formation and 7th year of Graphic Design at the Ensor Institute in Ostend will create wooden ‘cut outs’ of the game figures and all kinds of promo material for the game.