Recently MyMachine Slovenia had the true pleasure of presenting the working prototypes of this year’s Dream Machines invented by children at the primary schools Col, Otlica, Draga Bajca Vipava (department at Goče) and Dobravlje Primary School (department at Vrtovin).

A machine that waters flowers and makes a rainbow. A machine that helps children separate waste correctly. A robot that helps children keep their school bag organized and tidy (in the back, you press the button (Monday, Tuesday,…) and in the front LED diode shows which school books for the courses of that day you should take with you). A machine that makes ice treats for children.

These prototypes were created by Vocational/Technical secondary students at the Beta Institute, Ajdovščina and School Center Nova Goricain, and in cooperation with the regional development agency ROD Ajdovščina.

We’re excited about how these students have learned what it takes to bring an idea to life! About the importance of having confidence in one’s own ideas, and how these have the potential to make a difference.

Thank you to all students and educators involved, to our team at MyMachine Slovenia guided by Matej Kovacic, and to all at the Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technologies – CT3 at the Josef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana!