Creativity going global!

In February we launched our MyMachine DreamsDrop Campaign 2022 to Primary School Teachers around the globe. Students in primary classes from different countries on 3 continents uploaded their dream machine!

We selected ideas from 3 continents and University students at the School of Industrial Product Design at Howest University of Applied Sciences (Belgium), and the Design Faculty of Monterrey Tech University in Querétaro (Mexico) were matched with 14 Dream Machine Ideas:

  • A Machine To Comb My Hair
  • A Machine To Make Colored Lenses
  • A Machine To Make Colorful Confetti From Old Paper
  • A Machine That Comforts Me When I’m Sad Or Angry
  • A Machine To Make Everybody Happy
  • A Flower Producing Machine
  • A Machine That Finds Precious Stones
  • An Automated Wardrobe
  • A No War Machine
  • An Avocado-Shaped Sharpener
  • A No Stress Machine
  • A Personal Assistant Machine
  • A My Parents Should Always Say Yes Machine
  • A Puffball Shooting Machine

Between March and June, these university students conceptualised the ideas, and delivered a proof-of-concept. Now we are extremely proud to share their results!

And they are amazing! Follow this link to discover all results: discover photos, videos, and the original drawings from the children.