Meanwhile in Slovakia: the last invention delivered in 2021 is the Radio-Basket – a vacuum cleaner for radioactivity. What a brilliant idea! This invention is a common work of children from Spojená škola Letná Poprad, college students of Strojnícka fakulta TUKE and Stredná priemyselná škola techniky a dizajnu Poprad.

The idea itself was a ′mission impossible′ for our college students. Within two months, they had to develop a solution that would be interesting, buildable for the next three months and with a small budget. They, therefore, decided on a product that will bring children closer to radioactive waste management issues.

Delivering Dream Machines is never the actual goal in MyMachine. Students participating in MyMachine learn how to bring their ideas to life, by collaborating, respecting each other’s talents, and being persistent and resilient. They build their creative confidence and learn that their ideas can actually make a difference!

Yet, the real impact in most cases goes even beyond this. In the case of this Dream Machine for example:

  • sophomore Andrejka was inspired to write a short fairy tale;
  • and high school student Jan chose an assignment of liquidation of car batteries for his graduation exam;
  • and the primary school students came up with other improvements, which they will even implement themselves.

Many congratulations to all students involved! Thank you so much for your commitment and energy. And thank you a lot to all of our MyMachine Slovakia team!