8 minutes of tremendous creativity and collaboration. This year’s grand exhibition of MyMachine Flanders&Brussels (Belgium) was divided into separate events for each of the elaborated dream machines. These inauguration events were done at the premises of the respective primary schools. They united all participating students: primary, secondary and university level, all celebrating the result of a long year of hard work together.

This video here is a summary of all these events, collected in this one cut. Great results of a great year. Superb collaboration of all involved students and educators. They worked on Dream Machines like The Asking Questions Machine, The Trash Trolley, The Emoticon Machine, The Fighting Fear Machine, The Laughing Buddy, and many more.

Many congratulations to all students involved! They all learned that having ideas is important and fun. And that you can actually bring any idea to life by collaborating, respecting each other’s talents, being persistent and resilient.

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