MyMachine Slovakia article in national education magazine Dobra Skola

Dobra Skola is a national platform and a community that provides information about what is happening in the world of education and providing teachers with incentives and materials suitable for their further education and professional growth. They want to inspire, present modern forms and methods of education, provide resources that can be used directly in the classroom and encourage teachers not to be afraid to try new things. Dobra Skola wants to build a community of passionate teachers, connect them to each other and exchange ideas and experiences.

We are proud that Dobra Skola is giving attention to what MyMachine Slovakia is doing in the education space in Slovakia. We want to thank our partners Strojnícka fakulta TUKE, Fakulta umení Košice and Fakulta elektrotechniky a informačných technológií UNIZA for partnering with us in showing how MyMachine is done to the journalists and experts of Dobra Skola.

Read the full article here (Slovak):