MyMachine to present at Reimagine Education Conference

MyMachine is invited to present at the International Reimagine Education Event in Philadelphia (USA) early December. Reimagine Education aims to acknowledge and reward those most successful in creating transformational educational initiatives, enhancing student learning outcomes and/or employability.

Great educators know that truly transformative ideas begin with a question – begin at those moments where challenge becomes opportunity. The challenges – the questions – facing those at the forefront of our education system are as numerous and complex as they’ve ever been.

This international conference wants to provide a platform for those able to answer those questions. Bring leading thinkers from across the world togther for an annual meeting of expert minds. Put the academic, the startup-creator, the teacher, the investor, and the policy-maker in the same room, around the same table. Reimagine Education believes that if we allow each of these parties, with their own individual perspective, to come together, we will create an environment where challenge becomes opportunity – where questions become answers.