MyMachine Portugal Exhibitions 2019

MyMachine Portugal is announcing their new MyMachine 2019 Exhibition. MyMachine Portugal has been growing immensely this year, expanding from where it all started in Obidos. Since 2018-2019, Ana Sofia Godinho in Obidos has been very successful in expanding the model to the North of Portugal in Famalicão and to the South of Portugal in Campo Maior.

This year they are making an overwhelming 16 working prototypes, which equals a collaboration of 800 students in primary, secondary and higher education to make that happen!

The 2019 exhibition is therefore not one exhibition: there will be 3!

  • North of Portugal: V. N. Famalicão: 27 May.
  • Central of Portugal: Óbidos: 31 May, 7 June and 14 June
  • South of Portugal: Campo Maior: 3 June.

We are very much looking forward to see the 16 dream machines!

We hope to see you there!

Here’s a marvellous video of the exhibition of last year in Obidos: