MyMachine Oklahoma receives International LERN Award
Congratulations to MyMachine Oklahoma! We’re very proud for this important LERN Award in the category Programming.
As this category  recognizes courses, activities, programs or events that are creative & innovative, this award endorses the MyMachine methodology. As LERN is including more than 9,000 members from all 50 states, and 20 countries, serving industries including different kinds of educational institutes, this award shows the importance of MyMachine Oklahoma for the educational future, not just in Oklahoma, but nation wide in the States.
Our profound gratitude goes out to the Rose State College team and partners in elementary schools and technical high schools (technology centers) involved in MyMachine Oklahoma. They’ve done a great job in piloting this very first year of MyMachine in Oklahoma. It acknowledges all stakeholders in their beliefs and efforts to make MyMachine Oklahoma a great succes and to grow the model in Oklahoma.
The picture shows Dr. Bret Wood and Mr. Rick Woodard from Rose State College with the LERN Award.