MyMachine Óbidos (Portugal) Exhibition 2017

MyMachine Óbidos (Portugal) Exhibition 2017 is running for 3 weeks in 3 different locations. Today, the exhibition just opened at the second location in Obidos.

Just like last week when it opened the first time, hundreds of visitors – children, students, parents, grandparents, teachers, professors, politicians, business people – all came to discover the dream machines on display.

The elaborated working prototypes alongside the original drawing of the children, shows clearly how close the dream machines have been built in respect to the original drawing. Congratulations to all students involved that made this happen! We are very proud of what they achieved!

And the dream machines are just plain beautiful:

1/ The Help-Me-Memorise-Stuff-Machine: every air bubble you hit is a memory saved in your brain!
2/ The Help-Me-Pick-Apples-From-The-Trees-Machine: put on this delightful suite and pick those apples with the prolonged arms!
3/ The Permanent-Rainbow-Machine: watch these rainbow colours and don’t look away!
4/ The Create-New-Toys-Machine: push the red button, count the number of times the red heart lights up and open the correct drawer: there’s your brand new toy!

Thank you all at MyMachine Óbidos for all your ongoing positive power, flexibility and perseverance to make it all work!