The Agder Summit 2020 (Agdermøtet 2020) is the region’s joint celebration of Aust- and Vest-Agder becoming new Agder. 300 selected guests were invited to participate and to help create the best possible foundation for a larger and stronger region. The summit was held on 20 January 2020 and continued in a party dinner. On Tuesday, 21 January, the meeting continued with inspiring lectures and good opportunities to influence what priorities and what choices new Agder should make.

During Agdermøtet 2020, Sunniva Whittaker, rector of the University of Agder talked about the importance of uniting academic education with offering opportunities to gain 21st Century Skills through practice. The rector mentioned MyMachine Norway as one of the main priorities for this goal!

Here’s a beautiful video shown for that event:

MyMachine Norway is also excited with its collaboration with Glencore and Agder Energi who are involved as partners. MyMachine Norway was brought to Norway via Cultiva.

Thank you so much to the whole MyMachine Norway team!