MyMachine Norway Exhibition in Kristiansand

Today marked a special day in Norway. The very first MyMachine Exhibition opened in Kristiansand. 160 students from elementary classrooms came to the Kilden Exhibition room to discover the 4 working dream machines: The Rainbow-Machine, The Icecream-Machine, The Doing-Anything-Machine and the Bird-Cleaning-Machine. The results were stunning and the shared experiences were profound. Teachers, professors, students, stakeholders and the children were very, very eager to discover the dream machines. And the results are stunning and very beautiful.

The exhibition is on display for 5 weeks at Kilden Theatre in Kristiansand. Don’t miss out on a chance to go visit and test the dream machines.

As this is the result of the very first pilot that only started in January, MyMachine Norway is now already preparing the second cycle to start next academic year.