Announcing the MyMachine Norway 2019 Exhibition!

MyMachine Norway invites you to their 2019 Exhibition opening on Tuesday March 19th in Kristiansand. This is the glorious moment where all students, teachers and professors from primary, secondary and higher education that were involved in MyMachine get together to discover all working prototypes.

Of course the students know the one they invented, conceptualised and build themselves. But at the exhibition they’re not just discovering their own working prototype to test, but also all the other ones from all other schools involved.

The opening event with all participating students starts at 9am and runs until 2pm. The exhibition will be on display from March 19th to March 30th at the Kristiansand Folkebibliotek.

Prior to that, starting at 8 o’clock, MyMachine Norway organises, in collaboration with the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, “MyMachine – STE(A)M education for fremtidens ingeniører” or MyMachine – STE(A)M education for future engineers. This breakfast seminar is open to everyone, but mostly for those who work in the business community, interested in the interaction between different disciplines as an important tool that enables the future workforce to require 21st-century skills.


Chairman of the program Kai Steffen Østensen, UiA

  • 08.00-08.10: Breakfast service and welcome by Head of Fluks, Inger Margrethe Stoveland: From children’s dream machines to engineering students’ collaborative projects.
  • 08.10-08.20: Dag Nordbø, MyMachine Ambassador: Why MyMachine Is Important For Tomorrow’s Engineers?
  • 08.20-08.40: Piet Grymonprez, Co-Founder & Managing Director of MyMachine Global: The future of a country is sitting on the school desks. Education, Government, Profit and Non Profit need to join forces to give students the skills they need to deliver innovation to our economies
  • 08.40-08.50: Asle Øygarden, vocational teacher in industrial technology, Dahlske upper secondary school: Why the interaction between the skilled worker and the engineer is important already in the education race.
  • 08.50-09.00: Engineering students from UiA Jostein Gaardløs, Matias Tare, Lars Lied, Alij Pawe and Magnus Lindskov Ostrup: What distinguishes MyMachine from other engineering subjects that students bring into the workplace?

At 09.00 we go to the Kristiansand public library and join the opening of this year’s exhibition with all students under guidance of Idunn Sem, course manager of MyMachine Norway.

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We hope to see you in Kristiansand!