MyMachine Norway 2019 Exhibition Opening!

Kristiansand, home to the MyMachine Norway HQ, is opening the 2019 MyMachine exhibition season today! This day marks the end of an intense collaboration of primary, secondary and higher education. And the results were astonishing!

The exhibition is at display at the Kristiansand Library in downtown Kristiansand. The participating primary schools visited one by one the exhibition to make it doable for each child to discover and test all the prototypes: the throw-me-gloves-machine, the clean-up-machine, the massage-machine, the transform-me-into-a-ballerina-machine, the transform-me-into-a-superpower-person-machine and the jump-drum-computer-machine. All working prototypes were made by high standards.

No wonder the technical secondary school students were so proud. But not just them, also the university students, primary school children, teachers and professors!

The day started at 8am with a breakfast-conference on MyMachine, with talks by industry leaders, the university students, Inger Stoveland for MyMachine Norway and Co-Founder Piet Grymonprez for MyMachine Global.

A big thank you to Idunn Sem for coordinating the event and the collaboration between all educational levels! And kudos to the whole MyMachine Norway team for a splendid day and a great MyMachine year!

The exhibition is on display until March 31st!