MyMachine grows: Welcome to MyMachine Armenia !

With tremendous pleasure, we announce today that MyMachine is growing again! Welcome to MyMachine Armenia!

We are proud and thrilled to partner with Scholae Mundi in Yerevan. The Scholae Mundi Armenia Charity Foundation was founded in 2015. Scholae Mundi contributes to the development of a creative environment for the implementation of various socially beneficial initiatives. Scholae Mundi aims to provide opportunities for youth to develop knowledge, skills and the moral and ethical values that will guide them throughout their lives.

Lilia Mkrtumyan, Scholae Mundi: “Scholae Mundi Armenia serves as a platform for the support of educational projects and opportunities.  
It covers different age and social groups, but there is one thing that unites all initiatives – they prepare students for lifelong learning and develop skills that help them adapt successfully and find their path in this complex, rapidly changing and unpredictable world. This aligns perfectly with MyMachine’s goal of fostering creativity and collaboration among kids, students and society in general. MyMachine empowers students to design and create real-life solutions. And this contributes to Scholae Mundi Armenia’s mission by promoting hands-on learning and nurturing a culture of innovation in education and in society.”

We are honoured to have Scholae Mundi as our partner, as we are equally engaged in teaching young people the positive power of the “Yes-this-is-possible!”-attitude towards all of their ideas. Bringing students creative confidence, making sure they understand that their ideas matter, that their ideas can make a difference!

We know for sure that we will learn from the expertise of Scholae Mundi. MyMachine Armenia will launch its first MyMachine cycle this year. We are anxious to learn about the first elaborated dream machine ideas coming from  Armenia!