MyMachine expanding again: welcome to MyMachine Kosovo!

With tremendous pleasure, we announce today that MyMachine is growing again! Welcome to MyMachine Kosovo!

We are proud and thrilled to partner with IDEON Institute in Pristina. “Ideon” means “Ideation” in Albanian. This new non-profit focuses on implementing education innovation. 

Besim Mustafa, professor at the University of Pristina,  entrepreneur, Director of the Vocational Education and Training Program at the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, and Founder & CEO of Ideon: “ Kosovo has many young talents. There are numerous success stories of our bright youth who excel when they encounter an environment that fosters their talent.  MyMachine holds this very promise to encourage bright minds and creativity through platforms that foster trust and collaboration. You will see that small Kosovo will bring big ideas!

We are honoured to have Ideon as our partner, as we are equally engaged in teaching young people the positive power of the “Yes-this-is-possible!”-attitude towards all of their ideas. Bringing students creative confidence, making sure they understand that their ideas matter, that their ideas can make a difference!

We know for sure that we will learn from the expertise of Ideon. MyMachine Kosovo will launch its first MyMachine cycle in the fall of 2022. We are anxious to learn about the first dream machine ideas coming from  Kosovo!