Creativity flowing in the Indiana Chapter of MyMachine USA

We are thrilled to see this much creativity flowing in Indiana! First, let’s talk numbers: some 980 students across 16 educational institutes are involved in the pilot cycle of the Indiana Chapter of MyMachine USA.

The majority of those students are 4th grade primary school children inventing their dream machines;  like the Peppermint Snowman, the Homeless Helper, the Imagine Brush and the Dog Distractor.  

Industrial Design students at  Indiana University have been working on conceptualizing those ideas. They made scale models, and presented these to the primary school students for feedback. 

Prior to that, students from the School of Education at Indiana University helped preparing the ideation phase in Step 1 of the MyMachine methodology.

While the below pictures are taken some months ago, as we speak the vocational/technical secondary level students are using their skills to build actual working prototypes.  We can’t wait to see these first prototypes from Indiana! And especially to hear about how students learned along the way.

Thank you so much to our amazing MyMachine USA team with Adam Maltese and Jon Racek!