The Dream Machines were invented early October ’19. The higher education students have had several interactions with their clients so far; cumulating to this Work-In-Progress event today. Participating Primary School Students and Technical/Vocational Secondary Level Students from the West side of the country, visited the Industrial Design Center at Howest University of Applied Sciences in Kortrijk (Belgium).

They were here as a final consultation for the University Students. The Primary School Students can give final feedback to the proposed Proof-Of-Concepts. The Technical/Vocational Secondary Level Students are with their feedback focussing on choice of material and complexity level for the production of the working prototypes.

A very important moment in the MyMachine methodology. The university students can now finish their work by making final adaptations based upon the feedback they got today. Early on in February, the Technical/Vocational Secondary Students will take over and start the production of the Working Prototypes, which are due in May 2020.

While all of this was happening, the teachers and sponsor-company employees were introduced in Design Thinking and the Innovation Wizzard (Innovation Creativity Methodology) by professors of the School of Industrial Product Design at Howest University of Applied Sciences.

In short: we have witnessed a creative overdose today! And not just us. Regional media is covering the event as well as the national news agency VTM: they will report about MyMachine in their national news this evening.

And the best part of it all? We’re just half way. For all schools participating in the East of the country, MyMachine Belgium will host a second Work In Progress at PXL University of Applied Sciences in Hasselt.