MyMachine Belgium at Prototyping 2018

The international ProtoTyping trade fair is designed for everyone in the field of product development. The focus is on the whole design process, from the original idea through to setting up a business model and actual production in a pilot run or small series. You will find companies and research centres here with the technologies, materials, tools & techniques to make your ideas materialise.  ProtoTyping is an all-inclusive event for everyone in the field of industrial product development, prototyping and low-volume manufacturing. It covers the whole design process form A to Z with businesses and research centres exhibiting a unique range of technologies, materials, tools and techniques for turning ideas and / or product concepts into something tangible. 

ProtoTyping is above all a networking event designed to inspire you to realise the importance of good, integrated product development and innovation. 

The thousands of visitors had the unique opportunity to discover a small ‘best of’-exhibition of MyMachine Belgium. In addition, this was the time and place for a world premiere of the brand new MyMachine Archade: 

the outside of it invites you to come up with your own dream machine idea, while the inside tells you everything you need to know about MyMachine.

The MyMachine Arcade was made possible thanks to two companies who have completely sponsored the production of this: 

BeeLite provided us the cartonboard material and Agfa printed our design onto that cardboard. 

A huge thank you to both companies for being such a great supporters of MyMachine.