We are extremely honoured to announce that
Suné Stassen, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Open Design Afrika has asked MyMachine to make a contribution to the 2020 edition of the Open Design Afrika Festival (27-31 October).

The festival programme is curated (by experts from South Afrika, Morocco, Ghana, Germany, France, Finland China and USA) to feature events and experiences for people from all walks of life who want to learn new skills and more about the possibilities and opportunities to get involved and help drive change in our society and diverse communities.

The Open Design Afrika Festival is underpinned by the beautiful Sout Afrikan philosophy of Ubuntu which simple means “I am because you are”.  The purpose of the festival is “to help drive and ignite the systemic change we are all seeking in our country and in Afrika. To change mindsets and behaviour, unlock new ideas and ignite aspirations and hope for a better future and to develop a thriving future-ready society of change makers and problem solvers who are equipped with future-skills, creative intelligence, mindset and confidence to know how to add significance and meaning at the center of purpose driven businesses, sustainable environments and thriving communities now and in the future”.

Both Jeremy Maarman (MyMachine South Afrika Coordinator and Founder and Director of the Initiative for Community Advancement) and Piet Grymonprez (MyMachine Global Co-Founder and Managing Director) will be delivering a talk as Open Design Afrika Inspirators on the Future Ready Skills program of the festival on October 29th.

All details and to register: Open Design Afrika Festival.