Meet the dream machines of MyMachine Norway!

How marvellous to see this exhibition in Norway! What should have happened in March, luckily took place now: the final exhibition of dream machines invented and elaborated during school year 2019-2020.

The participating primary school children could finally discover the dream machines they have been invented and elaborated, working together with university students and technical secondary school students. The exhibition is on display in the town hall of Kristiansand. The primary school children visited the exhibition, one classroom at the time.

Proud faces! Because this is the result of months of hard work and tons of creativity. And the dream machines were splendid, well designed and beautifully crafted: the massage-machine, the problem-solver, the dance-machine, the all-is-possible machine and Robbe (the machine buddy who can suggest things to do when you are bored).

Thank you so much to all students, educators and stakeholders involved in MyMachine Norway! You have made us, yet again, very proud!