We are launching a second product!

myBOO is getting a bigger sibling!

Almost one year ago, we were proud to announce our very first real-life product: myBOO. The marvellous ghost-hunter that chases evil ghosts from you bedroom, leaving you safe to fall asleep.  myBOO has already captured the heart of many children around the world.

Today we are extremely proud to announce that a new product is coming really soon. It belongs to the same family: please meet myBOO speaker and mood light. This myBOO is 50cm tall and has fabulous additional features: it is a mood light and doubles as a bluetooth speaker. Connect with your smartphone or tablet and play your favourite songs!

You can use the remote control to control the volume, navigate through your playlist, choose the colour of your preference or have it change colours automatically following the beat of the music. This myBOO speaker and mood-light is also of course rechargeable via USB.

The product will be hitting stores worldwide starting October 2020. And of course, anyone buying this myBOO doesn’t just gets a fabulous product, but will learn about our non-profit and knows they are supporting us in bringing MyMachine for free to schools around the globe.

This product is of course yet again the result of the creative, entrepreneurial, respectful and fun collaboration between Atelier Pierre Junior and MyMachine.

Read all about it and find out where you can buy it on the product-page of myBOO.

We hope you like it as much as we do!