Manufacturing Industry in Belgium supports MyMachine

At the Future Factories 2018 Award Gala (organised by Agoria, Sirris, Fevia, Fedustria, Centexbel and Flanders’ Food), the manufacturing industry in Belgium chose to support MyMachine financially and give us the opportunity to present what we are doing to support this very important manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing industry in Belgium is facing some of the greatest challenges in its history: guaranteeing top quality, keeping small series affordable, turning out large volumes quickly, ensuring efficient administration, doing sustainable business, etc.

The Made Different action plan from Agoria and partners turns these challenges into real opportunities. How? By using 7 key changes that transform your business into an authentic Factory of the Future. A Factory of the Future excels in how it handles energy and materials. Creative, involved workers use smart, sustainable production processes in state-of-the-art facilities. The result: an agile, future-proof business that manufactures products with high added value.

We are very honoured that those 11 thousand manufacturing companies in Belgium chose to support MyMachine.