Learning about your available production facility

College Students learn a lot in MyMachine. Yes, there’s a lot to learn about being creative (again), about deadlines, about respecting each other’s talents, about budget restraints.

Another aspect of bringing an idea to life, is to know what production facility you can work with. That’s why the university students who are translating the initial ideas of the children into (product) concepts, need to know up-front, which technical secondary school is participating. They need to know what kind of wood-working or metal or plastic working machines they have and which level of complexity these technical secondary schools students can handle.

For some college students it means they are collaborating with 14 year old students from the wood working class, for others it could be a collaboration with 17 year old students from the electronics class. And that of course, makes a huge difference in how to design the new product.

Here’s how MyMachine Norway has organised a visit by the university students to the participating technical secondary schools: Dalhlske videregående, Kvadraturen skolesenter and Tangen videregående.