Here’s the 8 dream machines from MyMachine Oklahoma that will have their premiere this Friday!

MyMachine Oklahoma is finishing their very first cycle this week. Next Friday the working prototypes of these dream machines will be on display at their Grand MyMachine Oklahoma Exposition in the city center of Oklahoma City:

1. Baseball Machine
The Idea behind this dream machine is that an individual child can experience aspects of baseball usually requiring a partner. Ideally, we can reproduce something that looks humanoid in nature, to replicate the feeling of playing with a partner and not just a machine.

  • Launches balls very high
  • Mobile (1 person can move and operate machine)
  • Capable of throwing a pitch
  • Variable speeds
  • Throwing arm?
  • Can play catch with the machine.

2. Rubber Band Launcher
The Rubber Band Launcher should be capable of launching a continuous stream of rubber bands. The core idea of this machine is that it works rapidly.

  • Accuracy not as important as rate of fire
  • No physical design requests given
  • Notes stress rapid fire machine.

3. Rainbow Maker
A machine that projects a color spectrum (rainbow) either through a transparent object, or directly onto a wall/ceiling. 

  • Students mentioned projecting through various shapes (snowflake, tiger, Pluto)
  • Students liked the idea of it projecting different color schemes onto a wall or ceiling
  • Can utilize RGB LEDs to create the color spectrums and be able to change them
  • If we use RGB LEDs we will probably need an Arduino kit to organize and manage color schemes.
  • Maybe project rainbow through different stencil templates.

4. Kitty Volcano Candy Dispenser
Students want a non-traditional volcano build (no lava or viscous fluid). The most important design aspect is that when it erupts it spews a few pieces of packaged candy (think tootsie rolls).

  • Head opens up (hinged) and erupts the candy
  • Candy suggestions vary from skittles to poptarts. Probably meet in the middle with small prepackaged candies.
  • The device should be button activated
  • Could use to store Halloween candy (make reservoir large).

5. Banana Launcher
A device shaped like a cannon or banana that launches bananas. There was no consensus on how to launch the banana (whole, in pieces, peel, or no peel) so there is room for creativity.

  • Powering it with air pressure will probably be easiest/cheapest route
  • If we want to slice it, attaching steel wires to the muzzle should work
  • Big design concern is keeping the machine clean from waste
  • Students never specified how far they want to be able to launch the banana
  • Students liked the idea of making the launcher resemble a banana.

6. Lava Lamp Fountain
The students liked the idea of a lava lamp, but wanted to see it created in a different way. Turning a lava lamp into a fountain was a very popular idea, as well as turning a lava lamp into different objects such as the Millennium Falcon. 

  • If the lamp is done fountain style, students requested it be goopy.
  • Lava would ooze rather than run like water
  • Other than Millennium Falcon, a popular suggestion for the shape was a globe.
  • No specific requests were made for color or material for the ooze.

7. Colorful Shaped Night Light
Students want a night light that has interesting color schemes. Many requests were made for the machine to have a button that calls a parent. 

  • Popular request was that it hangs from the ceiling
    • This makes putting a button on it difficult
  • Requests were made for it to glow in the dark
    • Could make object more mobile
    • Are there enough glow in the dark color schemes to put together an interesting pallete?
  • Requests were also made for there to be interchangeable pieces on the night light
    • Maybe a globe we can place different animals on.

8. Push Button Rocket Launcher

The concept of the rocket is easy to make and launch. A push button launcher is a key part of the design. The rocket design focuses on using A1‑liter soda bottle with a 3D printed nose cone. Power for this star reacher is produced by a bicycle air pump.