Global Coordinators Meeting in Kortrijk

This week was a remarkable one for MyMachine. It marked the very first gathering of (almost) all MyMachine coordinators from around the globe. The 2-day meeting was crucial in the further development of our global strategy.

And, as always, we were not afraid to challenge ourselves. This time round with the same central assignment we give the children in elementary schools: What is your Dream Machine? After explaining the details to each other, we took this moment to proudly present our inventions in this photo.

Kortrijk (Belgium) was very cold (-7°C), but we enjoyed our own global warming: thank you (L->R) Inger Margrethe Stoveland, Mihajela črnko, Ana Sofia Godinho, Jan Despiegelaere, Idunn Sem, Aagje Beirens, Jeremy Marco Maarman,Veronika Miskech Fricova, Filip Meuris & Piet Grymonprez.