Elementary School children visit the university

On Friday 15th, MyMachine Slovakia visited the žilinskú university with the primary school inventors from Zilina. The students visited the School of Multimedia at the university. They learned about how a TV-studio works, how a control room is operated and how a Green Screen works.

The Green Screen, like the one in this Green Key Studio, will become an essential element of one of the emerging inventions in MyMachine Slovakia: the miracle country  with flying slippers. The university students just finished making the concept for it.  It will now be handed over to the students of secondary vocational schools in žilina, who will produce a working prototype.

Stay tuned as the end-result will be shown at the MyMachine Slovakia Exhibition in June.

This visit was also covered in the local news: read it here: https://myzilina.sme.sk/c/22053705/na-zilinskej-univerzite-stretli-mladi-vynalezcovia.html