Drop Your Dream Machine Idea on our World Map of Ideas and maybe your idea will be designed into a working prototype

Do you have an idea for a Dream Machine? Want to see it built? Then upload your idea before October 15th!

We want to pick an idea from each continent and bring it to life by University Students from the School of Industrial Product Design at HOWEST University of Applied Sciences in Belgium.

80 Industrial Product Design students will collaborate in teams to bring an idea to life from each continent*.

Anyone is welcome to upload their idea: girl or boy, child, youngster or adult. We also invite teachers from primary schools to join with their classroom: we have Guidelines and a Template ready for you.

If your idea gets chosen, you will

  • be able to follow online the university students designing your idea into a working prototype;
  • be able to see an online presentation of the working prototype of your idea at the university;
  • receive a personalised MyMachine DreamsDrop poster on your idea;
  • receive a myBOO: the very first real-life product by MyMachine.


This is where it starts:

MyMachine DreamsDrop 2020: http://dreamsdrop.mymachine-global.org


* subject to change, dependent on the ideas we receive