Children in Slovenia and Belgium want to see a working prototype of the ZOMBIE machine

The ZOMBIE machine is the idea that the children in Slovenia and Belgium want to see realized as a working prototype. This machine can make real zombies that protect you and help you doing things at home (if you ask them friendly). Has this anything do to with the Halloween period? One thing’s for sure: they give the students a challenging task for the coming weeks!

On 9 November 2015 the higher education students from Howest University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk – Belgium) will travel to Slovenia to work together with the Slovenian Engineering from the University of Ljubljana and Arts students from the University of Nova Gorica. During 5 days they will collaborate as a true international MyMachine team to develop this idea. So finally, technical middle and high schools in Belgium and Slovenia can cooperate to build a working prototype of this machine before June 2016.

IMG_3584But first all learners could make their own version of the ZOMBIE machine by making a mock up. By doing this the higher education students can better understand the wishes and demands of the children. In this way we want to strengthen the MyMachine idea of realizing a dream machine together!
Here you can see a glimpse of the second creativity approach in the Belgian class room: 

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