A whole lot of new ideas popping up in Slovakia!

The past couple of weeks has seen exponential growth in creativity in Slovakia! University students participating in MyMachine Slovakia have been visiting students in Primary classes throughout the country. These children are invited to make a drawing of their Dream Machine. Anything goes, as long as they really, really want it.

Look at all these shining faces while inventing, drawing and explaining their brand new ideas to their peers!

The next step will be that the university students will start translating those ideas into a concept. We can’t wait to see the following steps and witness how much all these students learn along the way! They build creative confidence, understand that their ideas matter, and make a difference. They learn how to bring ideas to life. No matter where life will take them, co-creation, respect, empathy, persistence, resilience, design-thinking, and creativity are essential skills that will serve them for life.