A massive creative wave is flooding Slovakia!

MyMachine Slovakia has been off to a tremendous start in this year’s MyMachine cycle. A massive creative wave is flooding Slovakia as hundreds of Dream Machines have been invented by students in primary classes throughout the country!

University students have entered these primary classes to invite the children to think about their Dream Machine: anything goes as long as they really, really want it. Children then explain their inventions to all their peers. This is a truly magical moment in the MyMachine methodology. One in which we, the adults -including the university students-, are confronted with these creative powers that children still have within them. They are not yet limited by their knowledge or society’s peer pressure. They are free minds, ready to have a go at anything.

All things said and done, if there’s anything that MyMachine delivers, it’s this insight that most of us have lost this capacity for creative thinking. Working with these young creative minds reminds us of this and challenges us to remove our boundaries and build creative intelligence and confidence.

Thank you so much to all students and educators involved and to our team at MyMachine Slovakia! Next up, the university students will be designing proof-of-concepts for these invented Dream Machines! We can’t wait to see those.