Yes! A new MyMachine Chapter is starting in Mexico

It is with tremendous pleasure that we announce today that MyMachine is growing again!  Welcome to the Chihuahua Chapter of MyMachine Mexico! We are proud and thrilled to partner with Fundacion Paso Del Norte in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. Fundacion Paso Del Norte focuses on advancing partnerships and initiatives to improve the health and well-being of the people in this Mexican state. Focussing on education that stimulates 21st century skills is part of that mission.

Karen Yarza, CEO of Fundacion Paso Del Norte: “Our mission is to advance partnerships and initiatives to improve the health and well being of the people of Cd Juarez, this program allows us to work with local and global stakeholders to promote creativity, entrepreneurial skills, inter-generational co creation, STEAM education Skills and values in a different and innovative way, where not just kids and youth, but also adults learn that your ideas matter, and they can actually change the world! This is exactly why we are now launching MyMachine in Mexico.”

We are honoured to have Fundacion Paso Del Norte as our partner, as we are equally engaged in teaching young people the positive power of the “Yes-this-is-possible!”-attitude towards all of their ideas. Bringing students creative confidence, making sure they understand that their ideas matter, that their ideas can make a difference!

We know for sure that we will learn from the expertise of Fundacion Paso Del Norte. They are launching their first MyMachine cycle this running school year. We are anxious to learn about the first dream machine ideas coming from MyMachine Chihuahua!

¡Bienvenido México!