PXL university in Belgium opens the doors for the MyMachine participants! Using functional models, the interdisciplinary student teams of the university presented the final concepts of the Dream Machines to primary school students with whom they have been working since the beginning of October 2022.

Which STEM principles are incorporated in the Shoe-Wash, the automatic shoe washing machine?
How do you crack the secret codes and gain access to the on/offline playground, or the interactive classroom games library?
How does the Fan-tandem-bike, which creates a birthday cake while cycling, work?
And how do the chickens manage to get the food from the feed tree in the chicken hotel ?

This MyMachine Work-In-Progress event also got STE(A)M on the menu, tailored to MyMachine. The students practiced their creative skills under the guidance of the university students and made an Artbot, which creates beautiful and diverse drawing patterns in different ways by converting electricity into movement.

This annual Work in Progress event is the final part of the design phase (step 2) and heralds the start of the construction phase (step 3).