Work-In-Progress Event MyMachine Norway
Wow. The child-inventors participating in MyMachine Norway are testing early versions of their Dream Machines. This Work-In-Progress event at the university is the setup for testing the concepts made by the university students. The primary school children are here to test those concepts, from Dream Machines like the Teddy Bear Dispenser (bringing comfort), the Visionary Hypnosis Machine (which will make adults more fun and likeable as children), a Cannonball Machine and a Time-Efficient Flying Bed (which transports you to school so you can sleep longer).
Many thanks to all the talented university students who have made cardboard prototypes to test their concepts! With the gathered feedback from their ‘customers’ (the child-inventors), they can now finish their designs, before handing over to the Technical Secondary Schools who will then produce a working prototype.
Here’s a glimpse of the event: