It was an extraordinary day full of creativity and wonder. 130 child inventors had the opportunity to discover the scale models of the machines they imagined. These scale models are made by university students from HELMo – Gramme and HEPL – Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège.

Watching the eyes of the ‘clients’ (the children) light up before their dream creations come to life was magical! Each drawing is a story within itself, a fantastic adventure that takes shape. These young creative minds have displayed overflowing imagination, pushing the boundaries of innovation with their unique and inspiring ideas. For the university students, this is a final opportunity to gather feedback from their ‘customers’. WIth that feedback, they can now make the final adjustments to their designs, before they go into production at the involved technical/vocational high schools.

The future looks promising with such brilliant minds ready to face the challenges of tomorrow! Thank you to all students and educators involved to dream big and turn their wildest ideas into reality.

And here’s a newspaper article with a splendid title: “Draw you Dream Machine, and we will build it! MyMachine helping the entrepreneurs of tomorrow”: