University Students in the USA getting final feedback from the Children

February 23rd was a big day for the 2nd grade of the Linton-Stockton School Corporation in Greene County, Indiana (USA)! It marked the big reveal for their Dream Machine prototypes!

These elementary students have invented their Dream Machine. Indiana University Design students have translated that idea into a Concept. The university students gathered final feedback from their ‘customers’ on their designs for The Sick-Helper, The Cereal-Maker, Kenneth-4,000, The Dogfeet-Washer, and The Toast-Grabber.

Next step…these designs and proofs-of-concept are heading to Wisconsin (USA) to be fabricated as Working Prototypes by vocational students there! In a couple of months, the final Working Prototypes will return to Linton-Stockton, where these 2nd graders will be anxiously waiting to see their dreams literally come to life!

Thank you so much to all students and educators involved! And many thanks to our MyMachine USA team, Adam Maltese and Jon Racek!