To visit is to learn. To learn about their talents is to grow respect.

As part of Step 3 in the MyMachine methodology, the child inventors also visit the vocational secondary school, producing one of the Dream Machines. Here’s an example of such a marvellous experience: vocational secondary school Stredná priemyselná škola informačných technológií Ignáca Gessaya invited fourth graders from the elementary school in Nižna to visit their school. The children participated in a fantastic program:

In the electrotechnical laboratory, they worked with microcomputers and executed 3D printing; Mechatronics students showed them robots they made, and children also learned about the basics of programming, website creation and computer game creation in a greenscreen studio.

Vocational students involved in MyMachine showed the children how they —together with university students from FEIT – Fakulta elektrotechniky a informačných technológií, UNIZA— progressed in developing the Pet Machine app they are preparing for them.

The children in MyMachine class (yes, that’s what they call themselves) really enjoyed their visit; they were excited and had lots of questions. It was another great MyMachine experience. Building those Dream Machines is just an excuse. It’s really about intergenerational learning, growing respect for each other’s talents, and learning how to bring any idea to life.