The new MyMachine Norway cycle started in primary classrooms!

Warning: creative overdose in Norway right now!

We are thrilled to see MyMachine Norway kick-off the new MyMachine season. University students from Agder University have entered the primary classrooms of different schools like the Øvre Slettheia skole, Tordenskjoldsgate skole and Steinerskolen.

The primary school children where asked to invent and to make a drawing of their dream machine. Numerous dream machines have been invented and now some of those ideas will go in to the magical MyMachine flow to become conceptualised. By March 2021 we will even be able to test working prototypes.

Along the way these students will learn what it takes to bring an(y) idea to life; that you can achieve this by #collaborating, #respecting #eachother‘s #talents, being #persistent and #resilient. While educators will learn the power of #project #based #learning.

Very much looking forward to all the next steps!