29 Jun201512th October 2017

MyMachine Belgium exhibition on National Television

The MyMachine Belgium (Flanders) Exhibition on national television in a dedicated news show targeting youth (Dutch): http://www.ketnet.be/karrewiet/23-juni-2015-my-machine. This news item focusses on the visit to the exhibition of the elementary school that invented the game that has been developed in this MyMachine cycle.

24 Feb20151st February 2019

Behind the scenes at the TV studio in Brussels, Belgium

In 6 weeks time, 6 MyMachine inventors from the past were in the national tv-show, in which the guests could vote if the invention was brilliant or not. Guess what? MyMachine got 6 times brilliant! Here’s a stop motion were you see Brecht presenting his Ball-Cather/Fetcher machine: StopMotion_Brecht   And here are some behind-the-scenes-pictures:   ...

05 Feb201520th November 2018

MyMachine Belgium on national television

Last week, MyMachine Belgium was on national television (VRT). MyMachine was a guest in the late night talk show called Bart & Siska. Here’s the link where you can watch MyMachine on the show (Dutch).

15 Jan20151st February 2019

MyMachine Belgium for 6 weeks long on national television

Tonight in the brand new late night talkshow Bart & Siska on VRT (National Television), Charlotte will present her very own dream machine. Charlotte participated in MyMachine Belgium 6 years ago. Now she’s 12 years old and she will look back at the machine she invented when she was in de first grade of the...