29 Jun201512th October 2017

MyMachine Belgium exhibition on National Television

The MyMachine Belgium (Flanders) Exhibition on national television in a dedicated news show targeting youth (Dutch): http://www.ketnet.be/karrewiet/23-juni-2015-my-machine. This news item focusses on the visit to the exhibition of the elementary school that invented the game that has been developed in this MyMachine cycle.

19 Jun201512th October 2017

MyMachine Exhibition Slovenia and Belgium widely covered in the media

We’re very happy to share some of the great media coverage both exhibitions benefitted from both in Slovenia as in Belgium. Here’s 2 examples from both countries: In Slovenia the MyMachine Exhibition got almost a complete page in the Delo (one of, if not the most important newspaper in Slovenia). You can see the picture...

18 Jun201512th October 2017

Grand Opening of MyMachine Belgium Exhibition

Today was a magnificent day for MyMachine. MyMachine Belgium (Flanders) just celebrated their Grand Opening in Kortrijk. The expo tails the 2014-15 edition of MyMachine Belgium (Flanders). 450 Children from the participating schools in Belgium, arrived at 10 o’clock. They could discover all of the elaborated working prototypes and test them out ! The higher education students were there...

17 Dec201420th November 2018

New MyMachine Game developed

Today, the children of the Ten Bunderen school visited the Howest – Digital Arts & Entertainment campus in Kortrijk. They discovered their own invented game, developed by Digital Arts & Entertainment students. Oh, no surprise there, they loved it!