09 Jun201512th October 2017

MyMachine Slovenia article in Delo National Newspaper

“Does creativity evaporate when entering Elementary School?” is the title of this grand interview with Mihajela Crnko from MyMachine Slovenia, in the National Slovenian Newspaper Delo. This article is a great promotion for MyMachine Slovenia, two days before the opening of the first MyMachine Slovenia Exhibition at the Mao in Ljubljana. Join us at the Mao...

29 May201512th October 2017

MyMachine Slovenia is announcing its first Grand Exhibition 2015

MyMachine Slovenia will be concluding its first MyMachine cycle with an Exhibition that will take place 11 June –  9 July 2015 at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The opening event will take place on 11 June. 100 children from the participating kindergarten Trnovo, Primary School Savsko naselje and Primary School Idrija together with...

28 May201512th October 2017

MyMachine Slovenia Facebook Page

Starting today, you can now follow MyMachine Slovenia on Facebook: www.facebook.com/mymachineslovenia Like the page to follow all creativity in elementary, middle and high schools and universities in Slovenia. All collaborating to create fabulous Sanjski Stroji. Read more on the MyMachine Slovenia website: www.mymachine.si

27 May201512th October 2017

MyMachine Slovenia in national newspaper

We are proud to share that MyMachine Slovenia has again been published in a Slovenian Newspaper, this time Primorski Val. As the first MyMachine Slovenia Cycle is reaching completion within 2 weeks, the press attention is focussing on the upcoming MyMachine Slovenia Exhibition. This Exhibition will showcase all creativity which has been taken place at the participating...