Students at the best Game Design University in the World deliver “dream game”

What happens when university students at the world’s best game design university take on your Dream Machine idea? That is what the primary school students of the 2nd grade of Leefschool De Vlieger in Ostend (Belgium) were eager to find out! They went on a trip to the School of Digital Arts & Entertainment (DAE) at Howest University (in Kortrijk) to discover and discuss the work the university students have put into translating their Dream Machine ideas. DAE is and has been for many years, declared by The Rookies as the absolute best game-design university on the planet.

The brand-new MyMachine game is called “Slumberlands”. The dream machines of all children were brought to life in 3D. The child-inventors were introduced into the art, skills and hard work, that goes into creating computer games. The children were able to give feedback on the progression made by the university students, including playing the game, the ultimate test!

It’s a marvel to experience the passion that goes into this amazing work by the DAE students, and how they explain the children about their education.