Open Call to Primary School Teachers to join with their class!

<< Deadline extended to February 12th >>

A marvellous opportunity to have the students in your class invent their Dream Machines! And who knows, perhaps even an elaborated Proof-Of-Concept.

Are you a teacher in primary school and want to join? It’s straightforward: this is how it works:

have the children in your primary class invent and draw their Dream Machine(s) using our template to make drawings; use our guidelines to organise this 1- to 2-hour session in the classroom;

upload the drawings to our World Map of ideas before 30 January 2023 (it takes about 2 minutes per drawing to upload);

you as a teacher, will receive via mail a personalised MyMachine Inventors Diploma for each uploaded idea.


In February 2023, we will pick (from each continent, if possible) a limited amount of ideas. It’s not a competition, but more like winning the lottery.

We will then connect to University Students (product designers) who will design a proof-of-concept for those selected ideas.

If an idea from your class gets chosen, then:

  • we will notify you personally (expected February 2023);
  • with your class, you will be able to see work-in-progress pictures and/or videos from the university students (expected end of May 2023);
  • you will be able to see pictures and/or videos from the final result: a proof-of-concept made by the university students! (Expected end of May 2023)

All information, templates and guidelines are here:

We are very much looking forward to seeing the Dream Machines from your class on our world map!