MyMachine South Africa Exhibition Part 2

In South Africa children from different primary schools have invented their dream machines. These have been elaborated within the MyMachine South Africa context. The fabulous results were first shown in October at the iconic V&A Waterfront in Cape Town within the framework of the Open Design Afrika festival 2020.

And now, the exhibition has moved to Piketberg, close to where some of the participating primary schools are located. The child-inventors were able to test their very own dream machines. Machines like:

  • “The Pizza Machine” enables you to match the outside world energy with your inner self emotions to deliver you the perfectly matching pizza;
  • “Ben” is a wonderful dream machine that was invented by a young girl to help her grandfather clean his umbrella”
  • “Ball en Bed” enables the kids to continue playing, although having to be in bed before sleeping;
  • “Stingray” helps you in learning how to swim, so that you can safe people should they be drowning.

Thank you so much to all stakeholders involved in MyMachine South Africa to make all of this happen!