RTV Slovenia MMCMihajela CrnkoSlovenian national radio has hosted MyMachine Slovenia in a live radio show titled “A look into science”. The show has focused on creativity in education and mostly on the innovative dream machines invented by kids in Slovenia and in Belgium. The listeners had a chance to hear about the ideas being realized in Slovenia currently: the Fairytale-Writing-Machine, the Ball-That-Never-Stops-Bouncing, the Dinosaur-That-Picks-Up-Toys and an Electromagnetic-Rocket-Car.

The introduction to the show has put forward an interesting question: »At what time in our civilization do we lose the ability of coming up with fantastic innovative ideas? The MyMachine initiative is trying to keep them alive. One of the activities of the Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technologies at the Jozef Stefan Institute is running a Slovenian branch of MyMachine, a global initiative, under which the pupils, students and industries build dream machines that were invented by our youngest.«

Link to the show (Slovenian): http://ava.rtvslo.si/predvajaj/otroski-sanjski-stroj/ava2.174308468/