Tuesday, June 28th: MyMachine Slovakia hosted its third 2022 exhibition, this time in Kosice (East Slovakia). This exhibition showcased Dream Machines invented and build by students from the Eastern part of the country. From the coffee-making machine to the music-making machine: each one sprung from the imagination of primary school students and was brought to life by college students and technical/vocational secondary students. One exhibition in the West of the country, one in the centre of the country and this third one, combined all the efforts of students and educators throughout the country.

The road to it was not always without obstacles: testing, trying out, embracing an unexpected reaction or turn of events. It is this growth mindset that we want to stimulate in all participants to be creative, persistent and resilient.

The results are impressive. Students could test the working prototypes. The event covered all MyMachine stakeholders: students, teachers, university professors, deans, the regional governor, business people, and the media: no wonder national and regional television documented this event. Alongside the testing of the working prototypes, there was a conference for the vocational/technical secondary students.

Thank you so much to all participating students, educators, and supporting companies for being part of MyMachine Slovakia this year. And many thanks to our dedicated team of MyMachine Slovakia (Carpathian Foundation) for their commitment and hard work to support and connect all these creatives and builders!